Dreams, and outtakes…

Writing is a wonderful combination of left and right-brain. Art and science.

Most often, the process starts with broad strokes. Too broad. As the stories take shape, elements are relegated to the barest of tangents, or removed altogether. Often the narrative flows in a different direction, forcing me to leave achingly crafted scenes on the (figurative) cutting room floor.

Sometimes it’s a nice piece of exposition that no longer fits, or a side-step to a parallel character that does little to progress the story. Several of these are shorts that were written as a “world-building” exercise , and it seemed a shame for them to never see the light of day.

Nor are these tales necessarily “canon”. Hence the “Dreams” aspect. Some of these loose endings were an absolute hoot, but were excised because they simply no longer felt “true”.

“The Gunman” will be available soon.