David J. Ross lives in Melbourne, Australia, is a proud father of one and probably plays more video games than you. His interests include coffee, carefully selected television, making ever-evolving lists and ignoring sport altogether.

He also writes books, which can be purchased HERE.

Friend to all the cats.

I’d also like to thank the following people for their contribution to my life and art:

Penelope Ross, Candice Berger, Jessica Berger, Debra Nairn, Elena Nairn, Graeme Nairn, Carey Nairn, James Nairn, Sanam Rahman, Christopher Cutler, Robert Hastie, Alex Delsante, Kristie Gatti, Michael Hills, Kane Robbins, Sarah Herbertson and Dianne Wadsworth of Gumhill Proofreading (gumhillproofreading.com.au).

You are all very much appreciated.