AFTERGLOW – By David J. Ross

I wrote a book.

Many people do this, so I won’t rattle off some long, drawn out saga detailing my daily struggles to this point. Books take time. Time is rare. Life constantly intercedes. We all get it.

However, I am at the same time enormously proud to announce that Afterglow is now available on the Amazon Kindle store for digital download RIGHT HERE.

What David says about the book:

Dr Caster has proven life exists beyond death, and in doing so unleashes the Afterglow – a digital plague capable of destroying every mind it touches. Billions perish as a multinational corporation begins enslaving humanity.

People are turned to monsters, or disappear without a trace.

As civilization crumbles, the survivors must align with alien Gods as the Nine Realms converge, reigniting an ancient war amongst a twisted pantheon… but will their unthinkable powers be enough to conquer the evil entity behind it all?

An urban sci-fi/fantasy, AFTERGLOW is Book I of the Chronicles of a Darken Earth.

So, that’s exciting.

Apologies to those who prefer physical copies. I understand, and will let you all know if and when such a thing should happen. For now, please buy a copy online. Kindle is also an App! And though not everyone has those nifty e-readers, I can assure you that Candice Berger’s incredible cover art looks GREAT on iPad. As do the many words that follow.

You leant your iPad to some miscreant and it’s now inexplicably covered in butterscotch? Relax. Possessions are fleeting, and the app is also available for iOS and Android.

You’ve got this.

After reading the book– as I’m sure you all will – feel free to let me know what you think, ask me a barrage of burning questions or simply harass me into writing the sequel. That’s love, people:

Email me at

Hell, while you’re living on the magnanimous “edge”, why not review it on Amazon?

I’ll be updating with more Darken Earth outtakes and shorts over the coming months, alongside details of my heretofore unannounced second novel. So please stay tuned, and thank you in advance for reading.